Springfield employees at shorts brewing

Short’s Brewing 10 year anniversary party!

terry-and-Joe-at-Shorts-anniversary-partySpringfield employees and family members celebrate at Short’s Brewing Company’s 10 year anniversary party.  Thanks Joe for creating over 90 jobs in northern Michigan!  Thanks, too, for hiring a local contractor (that would be Springfield) to take care of your roofing, lighting, and fall protection needs.

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Springfield sample gray durolast membrane

New Choices from Duro-Last

EXCITING NEWS for our commercial clients!!! Duro-Last, our supplier, out of Saginaw, Michigan, announced thicker PVC membrane choices and more colors!!!!! Read their press release here!

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Vendor Warranties

The #2 irritant of a facility manager is Vendor Warranties!! Calling the vendor when you have a warranty claim can be verying irritating and time consuming for facility managers. Especially when the vendors don’t want to live up to their warranties and make them difficult to understand what’s covered and what’s not. Make sure you when you are getting a quote for new construction, material, equipment, etc, ask for a copy of the warranty and make sure that their provisions are included in the quote that you will both be signing.

Happily, there are vendors out there who represent products with outstanding warranties. The Duro-Last warranty offered by Springfield Commercial Roofing is one of those vendors and make it very painless to process a claim. Check out all of the warranties they offer: Duro-Last warranty list.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 231-263-5300 if you have any questions on roof warranties.

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Springfield ladder anchor safety

Ladder Safety

ladderBE SAFE!  BE SAFE! This is the message that is constantly being given by our management at Springfield, Inc.! We are all sincerely concerned with everyone’s safety; of our employees AND the employees of our clients. We have always installed fall protection on the roofs that we are fortunate enough to work on, in the past, only temporary fall protection but now Springfield SmartAnchor™ is available to install permanently if the client chooses. This fall protection system not only protects our employees but anyone that has to access the roof.

We also want to stress that before you can use the fall protection that we put ON the roof, you have to safely GET on the roof. A portable extension ladder is used a large precentage of the time to get on a roof and used multiply times daily which can become to feel to comfortable to the user. The National Safety Council (NSC) recently did a study and found that there are approximately 300 ladder-related deaths and more than 130,000 non-fatal accidents every year. Most of those are from the ladder not being secured; therefore, becoming dislodged, kicking out, or sliding sideways.

If you are contractor, especially a roofing contractor, the best insurance for your company is to implement a ladder safety program for your employees!

– Resource Roofing Contractor October magazine

Stay tuned for exciting news from Springfield, Inc. that will assist your company with your ladder safety! Best Regards!


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Springfield hiring roofers

Going Above and Beyond

Commercial Construction Internships in northern Michigan!!!

Are you a college student?  Are you interested in learning about Commercial Construction, Business Management, How to perform Energy Evaluations, and practical hands on business management?  If so, you may be a candidate to be the 2014 Springfield SmartIntern.  Springfield strives to stay on the cutting edge of building renovation, energy conservation, and employs a variety of degreed professionals to serve our commercial clients with the latest and greatest technology while knocking it “out of the park” with customer service.  We are looking for a college student(s) that have similar interests to work with our fantastic team during the summer of 2014.  Get more information by contacting Terri Jo at TerriJo@springfieldsmartroof.com


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Springfield_Oregon welcomes you sign

Roof Study in Oregon

Portland State University in Oregon is partnering with Walmart to study green roofing and white reflective roofing. Their study will help compare how well each roof type filters rainwater, and whether energy use and heat-island issues can be reduced. Springfield Commercial Roofing is always trying to find better ways to save energy for our customers.

American City Business Journals/Portland, Ore.


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Springfield smart anchor close up

Fall Protection

Question: What do Northern Michigan buildings and the new world trade center building have in common?

Answer: They need FALL PROTECTION systems in place for whenever workers are in elevated places.

Of course, we don’t have any buildings that are 1776 feet like the world trade center, but did you know that a fall of 10 feet can be fatal. Springfield is standing by ready to help you with permanent fall protection systems keeping your workers safe and keeping you compliant with O.S.H.A.

Read here for more information about the fall protection system installed at the world trade center.


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