Springfield employees at shorts brewing

Short’s Brewing 10 year anniversary party!

terry-and-Joe-at-Shorts-anniversary-partySpringfield employees and family members celebrate at Short’s Brewing Company’s 10 year anniversary party.  Thanks Joe for creating over 90 jobs in northern Michigan!  Thanks, too, for hiring a local contractor (that would be Springfield) to take care of your roofing, lighting, and fall protection needs.

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Springfield hiring roofers

Going Above and Beyond

Commercial Construction Internships in northern Michigan!!!

Are you a college student?  Are you interested in learning about Commercial Construction, Business Management, How to perform Energy Evaluations, and practical hands on business management?  If so, you may be a candidate to be the 2014 Springfield SmartIntern.  Springfield strives to stay on the cutting edge of building renovation, energy conservation, and employs a variety of degreed professionals to serve our commercial clients with the latest and greatest technology while knocking it “out of the park” with customer service.  We are looking for a college student(s) that have similar interests to work with our fantastic team during the summer of 2014.  Get more information by contacting Terri Jo at TerriJo@springfieldsmartroof.com


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Springfield smart flat roof with light pipes

Daylighting Becoming the Trend

We are hearing more and more about Roof Daylighting becoming the new trend for residential and commercial buildings. Springfield specializes in evaluating commercial buildings looking for ways to give our client energy savings. Daylighting is just one of the things we look to suggest if the building environment will benefit from it. The Roofing Contractor magazine recently had an article about daylighting and mentioned how “Roofing Contractors are the best resource for the skill, connections, and long-term presence needed to make the most of that investment.”  We will make sure whether is on an existing roof or a new roof that the warranty is not jeopardized and/or included with the roof warranty. Some of the benefits they mention are:

  • reduces/eliminates artificial lighting during the day
  • tax incentives and utility rebates
  • saves energy and improves productivity/employee satisfaction
  • reduces greenhouse gases, water and air polution

Their article is urging roofing contractors and consumers both to seriously consider daylighting and explains that there is a daylighting system for every roof. To read their article in its entirety click here then call us for your free evaluation for your roofs daylighting project! 888-469-0059

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Springfield_Oregon welcomes you sign

Roof Study in Oregon

Portland State University in Oregon is partnering with Walmart to study green roofing and white reflective roofing. Their study will help compare how well each roof type filters rainwater, and whether energy use and heat-island issues can be reduced. Springfield Commercial Roofing is always trying to find better ways to save energy for our customers.

American City Business Journals/Portland, Ore.


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Springfield thanksgiving pumpkin pic

Thankful for Michigan Facilities

fall-protectionAs we near Thanksgiving—we are thankful for the northern Michigan facilities that have installed fall prevention and fall protection systems inside their buildings and on their rooftops.  Let’s keep everyone safe and healthy as we move into the holiday season.  If you are interested in looking into permanent fall arrest systems—call us—we can help!

For more information read Creating a Safer Workplace

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Springfield conscious budgeting

2013 Year End Planning

Attention Facility Managers: Now that we are in the 4th quarter of 2013, many managers are tasked with submitting their corporate budget for the upcoming year. Springfield can help you evaluate your current rooftop conditions and give you budget estimates for upcoming roof replacements.

Call us—we’ll get you the information you need to do your corporate planning.

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49 Solar Panels and The 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are going to score a touchdown in energy savings!  They are installing 49 solar panels on the top of their new stadium.  Why pay the power companies when mother nature can supply your energy needs?


Our rooftops are “solar ready.”  Want to save money on energy in northern Michigan?  Call Springfield – we can help!

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Devoted to Roofing!

I just finished a phone call with a potential “new” client.  During the conversation about the issues he was having with his roof, he made the comment:  “Gee – you are really into this aren’t you?”  Guilty as charged!  Our devotion to solving problems and fixing issues was showing through AGAIN.  What can I say?  At Springfield, we fall in LOVE with solving your rooftop problems and providing decades of leak free living for your commercial building.

Read about our products at springfieldsmartroof.com.  We can help!

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Cool Roofs

Michigan Building Owners take note:  Choosing the right roofing material could save you money and help the environment.

While the most important aspect of selecting a new roof is the contractor you choose, a secondary component is making sure you are using “cool” materials.  Any northern Michigan roofing contractor, worth his tool box, will be knowledgeable of the latest energy efficient products and will recommend those for your re-roof project.  Need a new roof or repairs to your existing roof?  Springfield can help!  Who’s on your roof?

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