Save Energy – Save the Landfill!

Energy efficient reflective roofs are almost always the best solution because they help save energy and keep your building dry.  However, there is also a benefit to keeping an existing asphalt roof as long as possible too.  Asphalt roofing materials are not very recyclable and usually end up in a landfill.  Therefore keeping the old roof going as long as possible can also be argued to be a “green” solution as it keeps the stuff out of the landfill.  Springfield strives to keep your existing roof performing.  A re-roof is only recommended when all repair options are exhausted.

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Rain Doesn’t Cause the Roof Leaks!

A rain storm doesn’t actually cause the roof to leak.  When it’s raining and water is entering your building – keep in mind that it could be coming through the roof or….through a duct or pipe.   Calling a roofing contractor who also specializes in mechanical insulations systems is advisable.  That way, you won’t have a roofing contractor and a mechanical contractor pointing their fingers at each other while you pull your hair out in frustration.  After all, does it really matter to you where the water is coming from?  Don’t you just want someone you can trust who can make the problem go away?  Call us at Springfield – – we have been doing just that and much more for our northern Michigan clients for decades.  We are standing by 24/7 to help you with your rooftop emergencies.

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What Does Wet Insulation Look Like?

Wet insulation is a major issue when water is allowed to get underneath the roof system. When the insulation becomes saturated, it loses its ability to effectively insulate the building and energy will be lost.

Below is an example of wet insulation (notice the water bubbles).

Wet InsulationPiece of wet roof insulation







At this point, the saturated insulation (pictured above in our "core cut") needs to be torn off and replaced before a new roofing layer is added. This can quickly become expensive as it increases the labor and material cost on a re-roof project. So make sure if you are experiencing leaks that you get them serviced early on to prevent complete saturation.

The Springfield Service Team is available 24/7! Call us at 231.263.5300 for professional service and quality solutions.

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Roof Maintenance

Taking the attitude “out of sight, out of mind” is a dangerous attitude when it comes to your roof. A roof can leak for days, weeks, or even months before it is noticed inside the building. Routine maintenance and inspections are a major component of helping the roof on your commercial building last longer.

Roofing Contractor magazine (December 2012 issue, page 32) states: “More than 80 percent of all roofs are replaced prematurely.”  Don’t let this happen to your roof!

At Springfield Commercial Roofing, we take great care of our customers, helping our northern Michigan clients keep their existing roofs performing longer by doing routine inspections and maintenance. Do you have your own maintenance team? Even better – – – – we can help them with instructions of what to do on a routine basis, what not to do, and when they should call us in to help.

Source:  Roofing Contract Magazine, December 2012, page 32.



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Five Smart Moves To Keep Your Roof For A Long Time!

FIVE smart moves to keep your roof for a long time!

1) Keep Your Roof Clean.  Stuff on your roof keeps your drains from doing their job.

2) Get A Tune-Up.  Oil Change? Annual check-up? Do the same thing for your roof and you can save money and double your roof's life expectancy!Roof Ice Buildup

3) Don't Mess With Mother Nature!  Seeing bubbles on your roof's surface? Have ice build-up or icicles? These are warning signs of bigger problems.

4) Know What You're Dealing With. What's on your roof? Knowing what type of roofing material you have will help you make smart facility decisions going forward.

5) Energy Savings. Want to decrease your energy bills? Without proper insulation, your energy costs go through the "roof" during the winter. If you're considering roofing improvements, we can help you pay for them with energy savings.


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Time For Your Roof’s Fall Inspection

Our 30 plus years of commercial roofing experience have shown us that a well maintained roof system lasts twice as long as one that is very seldom maintained.Fall Roof Inspections  As we enter the rainy season and the winter months get closer and closer, it is always a good idea to have your commercial roof system inspected so that any necessary repairs can be made before the roof is covered with ice and snow.  Please contact us and one of our Project Managers will meet with you, inspect your roof system, and provide a report on its condition.

Being proactive with your roof system can help stop problems before they start and prevent catastrophic failures.

Call us at 231-263-5300 to schedule an inspection for your roof today!

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BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Start the campfire – it’s time for the annual company touchy-feely moment.  Time to update the Company Mission Statement, Company Purpose Statement and list of Company Core Values.  Oh and don’t forget about the elevator speech – that needs to be updated too!  As much as I kid around about the “Kumbaya” stuff – – – – -it has really helped our company to develop statements that everyone can remember and articulate to identify our philosophy.  For example our BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal is as follows:Company Goal

To have such a great reputation that 95% of our contacts only trust us to do their work.

That is a pretty BIG and hairy goal since Springfield offers integrated SmartRoof ™ services including solar lights, solar ready roofing, energy efficiency thermography studies, permanent fall arrest systems, repair services, and mechanical pipe insulation.  We believe that if it’s on the top of your building…….Then “We’re on Top of It.”

Call us – – we can help! 231.263.5300 or 888.469.0059


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Low Pitch Metal Roofs Are Our Specialty

In addition to flat roofing, Springfield has perfected the energy efficient SmartRoof ™ that has been installed for years on low pitch metal roofs.

Traverse City Recent Project
Springfield Recent Project

If you are in Grand Traverse,

Benzie, Leelanau, Kalkaska, Wexford or any county nearby, call us at (231) 263-5300.  We are in Kingsley and are standing by waiting for your call!  We can make your roofing headaches go away!



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Our Business Philosophy

It sounds a bit quirky when we say it in meetings, but it truly is a business philosophy of ours.  We will treat your building like it was owned by our grandmother.  We want our clients to be happy with our services FOREVER.  We will eliminate your roof top worries so that you can focus on growing your business.

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