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Moving Roof Materials

It’s been 3 years since OSHA has implemented a revision for crane operators (Subpart CC). This revision requires operators of crane equipment to be certified, qualified, or licensed.

If an audited employer program is used it can be very costly for the owner, however, the employee could not use the qualification at another place of employment.

Other alternatives are out there but need to be OSHA approved. A government entity can be used for training, testing, and licensing. These qualifications would be transferable to another company for the employee.

Subpart CC excludes boom trucks with articulating or knuckle booms but not with straight booms.

Remember there are also certain requirements when to have a qualified signal person or rigger on the job site based on various circumstances. OSHA has specifics on certification and training for forklifts along with many other loading and maintenance procedures in the workplace.

source: Professional Roofing magazine Sept 2013 (you will need to register to read the full article.)


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Employee Training

No one or no company rises to the top without an extraordinary effort. Always being on the lookout for new and better ways is a great way to get to the top or keep climbing. Employee training is the way to keep your company thriving.

Three hurdles need to be overcome. Giving up resources for the training time, risk of losing trained employees, and a willingness to change. It’s an investment for the training but how much do you lose by having a less trained employee do a project?

Once the employee is trained another effort needs to be made to put the new ideas/changes in place, follow through is hard to do. Losing someone you trained should not hold you back from training, the percentage that stays usually out weights the ones that leave and it’s worth the risk to have an all well-trained staff then none.

Re-evaluating your processes can seem to be a waste of time but it’s important to keep updating your systems to pump up efficiency. The best way to learn better or new practices is by watching others—either by classes, webinar, videos, etc.

Employees that are kept in training programs and continue to be motivated by their employers usually stay with their job instead of find work elsewhere.

Providing your employees the opportunity of growth will continue to keep them committed and engaged to being the best!

Source: Professional Roofing magazine December 2013 Elevating Professionalism article by Amy Staska

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Springfield inspection

Commercial Building Inspections

The National Roofing Contractor Association recommends periodic inspections of your commercial buildings. At Springfield, we know that a well maintained roof that undergoes periodic inspections will last far longer than one that is ignored. Just like you schedule your annual physical to keep yourself healthy, your commercial roof needs an annual inspection to keep “healthy” too. So with spring approaching, it’s time for all Michigan commercial building owners to plan for your annual roof inspection!!

For more information:  http://todaysfacilitymanager.com/2014/03/fm-issue-withstand-weather


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Vendor Warranties

The #2 irritant of a facility manager is Vendor Warranties!! Calling the vendor when you have a warranty claim can be verying irritating and time consuming for facility managers. Especially when the vendors don’t want to live up to their warranties and make them difficult to understand what’s covered and what’s not. Make sure you when you are getting a quote for new construction, material, equipment, etc, ask for a copy of the warranty and make sure that their provisions are included in the quote that you will both be signing.

Happily, there are vendors out there who represent products with outstanding warranties. The Duro-Last warranty offered by Springfield Commercial Roofing is one of those vendors and make it very painless to process a claim. Check out all of the warranties they offer: Duro-Last warranty list.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 231-263-5300 if you have any questions on roof warranties.

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Corporate Year End

Stressed about your corporate year end? We can help facility managers and  property owners with a plan for their buildings. This plan will include budget estimates for future work and a recommended timeframe in which to complete. This will help you worry about your everyday job while we worry about your building. We can get you the information you need for your supervisors when it comes to budgeting for capital improvements and rennovations for your building.  Let us help you look GOOD!  231-263-5300

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Roof Inspections

A well maintained roof last the longest.  It is wise to have your commercial roofs inspected each year to keep small problems from becoming big problems.  We provide this service to all of our existing clients and are always looking to help new clients make their rooftop investments last as long as possible before replacement.

Call us to complete your roof inspection!  231-263-5300


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Save Energy – Save the Landfill!

Energy efficient reflective roofs are almost always the best solution because they help save energy and keep your building dry.  However, there is also a benefit to keeping an existing asphalt roof as long as possible too.  Asphalt roofing materials are not very recyclable and usually end up in a landfill.  Therefore keeping the old roof going as long as possible can also be argued to be a “green” solution as it keeps the stuff out of the landfill.  Springfield strives to keep your existing roof performing.  A re-roof is only recommended when all repair options are exhausted.

Call us for a free roof evaluation – 231-263-5300.


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What Does Wet Insulation Look Like?

Wet insulation is a major issue when water is allowed to get underneath the roof system. When the insulation becomes saturated, it loses its ability to effectively insulate the building and energy will be lost.

Below is an example of wet insulation (notice the water bubbles).

Wet InsulationPiece of wet roof insulation







At this point, the saturated insulation (pictured above in our "core cut") needs to be torn off and replaced before a new roofing layer is added. This can quickly become expensive as it increases the labor and material cost on a re-roof project. So make sure if you are experiencing leaks that you get them serviced early on to prevent complete saturation.

The Springfield Service Team is available 24/7! Call us at 231.263.5300 for professional service and quality solutions.

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Springfield Fall Protection

Safety compliance is super important when it comes to roofing.  A fall from a rooftop is often fatal.  Springfield is certified as a Fall Protection & Elevated Structures Safety Technician (SLT) by The National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP) and you can count on us to take care of your SmartRoof™ needs with the utmost concern for safety. Springfield Fall Protection Springfield installs permanent fall arrest systems and can help you keep your building in compliance with the new OSHA requirements for rooftop fall protection.  Call us – – we can help! 231.263.5300

For more information on rooftop compliance see http://www.osha.gov/as/opa/quicktakes/qt03012013.html#2


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