Springfield smart shield insulation

Industrial Pipe Problems Need Springfield SmartShield


Do you have pipes on your industrial facility that look like the above photo?  Not only is energy lost, the insulation is completely compromised; it is moldy and could likely be causing corrosion/failure points on  your pipes.  SmartShield to the rescue!!! Springfield SmartShield is a patent protected method of insulating pipes and ducts that is fail proof and energy efficient.  It is installed and widely used in Northern Michigan in the food and fruit processing industries where a compromise of any kind can be catastrophic.  The only place to get it is through Springfield and we would enjoy visiting your facility for a free evaluation/consultation to explain how this revolutionary product can help you with the day to day issues you face at your industrial building.

Below is a picture of pipes wrapped in Springfield Smartshield:


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49 Solar Panels and The 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are going to score a touchdown in energy savings!  They are installing 49 solar panels on the top of their new stadium.  Why pay the power companies when mother nature can supply your energy needs?


Our rooftops are “solar ready.”  Want to save money on energy in northern Michigan?  Call Springfield – we can help!

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What Does Wet Insulation Look Like?

Wet insulation is a major issue when water is allowed to get underneath the roof system. When the insulation becomes saturated, it loses its ability to effectively insulate the building and energy will be lost.

Below is an example of wet insulation (notice the water bubbles).

Wet InsulationPiece of wet roof insulation







At this point, the saturated insulation (pictured above in our "core cut") needs to be torn off and replaced before a new roofing layer is added. This can quickly become expensive as it increases the labor and material cost on a re-roof project. So make sure if you are experiencing leaks that you get them serviced early on to prevent complete saturation.

The Springfield Service Team is available 24/7! Call us at 231.263.5300 for professional service and quality solutions.

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Energy Savings from “Cool” Roofs

Are you aware of the benefits of using a roof system with high solar reflectance and thermal emmittance. The benefits are important for your wallet and the environment!

Benefits of a Cool Roof System:

  • Reduced energy use: A cool roof transfers less heat to the building below, so the building stays cooler and uses less energy for air conditioning.
  • Reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions: By lowering energy use, cool roofs decrease the production of associated air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improved human health and comfort: Cool roofs can reduce air temperatures inside buildings with and without air conditioning, helping to prevent heat-related illnesses and deaths.

Read more: http://www.epa.gov/hiri/mitigation/coolroofs.htm

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Benefits of Retrofit Metal Roofing

The reason we are seeing more calls for roof repairs on metal buildings is becuse over 77 billion square feet of metal roofing covers the commercial buildings in the U.S. and they only last between 20 and 40 years.

A retrofit roof is a way a roofing contractor can install another roofing structure right on top of the existing one. Just one of the benefits of choosing a retrofit roof is cost savings Retrofit metal roofingbeing that there are no demolition or deposal costs when doing the installation. Also, because you're not tearing off the old roof the business doesn't have to shut down during the process and the existing roof can be used as a platform. Another benefit is the buildings contents won't be exposed to the elements. It will increase the buildings compliance and make it stronger during all weather conditions plus increase it's energy efficiency.  This is a major benefit for us in Northern Michigan.

Call us for a free evaluation of your metal building. 231.263.5300

Source: Metal Construction News – January 2013 / page 28

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Surface Condensation – Understanding the Cause

Springfield prides ourselves in having a long lasting and reliable system in our product line to preserve the mechanical integrity of your mechanical systems.  We call it the Springfield SmartShield. The article we found in the Condensor (A publication of IIAR) gave a simple explanation of why condensation happens. It read: "Water vapor in the air will condense on a surface that is below the dewpoint temperature of the surrounding air."  However, they did mention that as simple as this may be, it becomes very complicated when talking about condensation on mechanical insulation systems.  This is because there are so many factors that influence either the dewpoint or surface temperature of the insulation system.Vessel Condensation

Unfortunately, when having condensation issues, it can lead to vital problems that could lead to replacement of your mechanical systems. Safety hazards could evolve as the water drips onto the floor below, damage to your inventory below the pipe, damage to the insulation systems material, pipe or jacket corrosion, these are just to name a few of the problems you would have to deal with.  This pertains not only to pipes, but tanks, vessels, ducts and any other mechanical equipment operating at below ambient temperatures. 

There are many factors you have to take into consideration when planning your design to control the surface condensation.  The Condenser article we referenced covers the most common factors but each system with it's environment may bring more variables in the picture.  It is important to work with professionals that have experience with mechanical insulation systems to protect your investment. Click here for more information on our patented SmartShield™ system or call us at 231.263.5300.


Condenser | November 2012 | A Publication of the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration –

Understanding the Causes of Surface Condensation on Insulated Piping by Jim Young, ITW Insulations Systems

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R-Value for Roof Insulation Increasing Again!

Did you know that polyisocynaurate insulation is one of the most commonly used insulation types in the roofing industry?  When the building code agencies adopt the 2012 ASHRAE the prescribed R-values for above deck roof insulation will be increasing again.   There is some questions on how long-term thermal resistance (LTTR) should be used for R- Value determination.  NRCA recommends using an in-service of 5.0 per inch thickness in heating conditions and 5.6 per inch thickness in cooling conditions in determining thermal calculations. Be aware that there are different factors to consider when working with metal fasteners.  To read the complete article by Darrell Smith, PE, RRC is Civil Engineer – Building Envelope/Roof Consultant, visit the Buildings website at http://bit.ly/PIfDFd.  You will also find information providing the R-Value recommendations based on the Zones you are working in.  Northern Michigan is in Zone 6 & 7, with Southern Michigan in Zone 5.

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Springfield Owners Utilize the Latest in Solar Technology

For a gift that keeps on giving, Springfield owners recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary of living “off the grid” with an update to their solar energy panels.   They estimate their payback with installation of the newest technology will be realized in 10 months.  Imagine how quickly such an investment could pay off in REAL dollars for large commercial clients.

Springfield SmartRoof™

The Springfield SmartRoof™ comes “solar ready” for lighting and energy efficiency.  Interested in seeing how such a system can help your commercial building?  Contact us at www.springfieldsmartroof.com.

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Springfield Commercial Roofing Receives Patent Approval

The team of Springfield Inc. has reason to celebrate!  The Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent US 8,156,700,B2 dated April 17, 2012 to Springfield Inc. for their innovative new SmartShield™ Product.  A longtime leader in problem solving, Springfield has developed an energy efficient method of mechanical insulation that is fail proof.  Springfield has been installing this system in local fruit and food processing facilities for a couple of years now under the patent pending status.SmartShield™ Pipe Wrap  Food Processers love this system.  It is installed on the inside and the outside of their facilities on pipes and ducts.  This newly patented system is energy efficient and will save customers money on their energy and maintenance costs, will keep facilities in strict compliance with F.D.A. and OSHA guidelines, and will eliminate the need to replace the system every 5-7 years (as is typical with the current insulating systems).  Click here to read the complete press release and to find more information about this product.

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