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Friends and Co-Workers

Maybe it’s possible to have a successful business without being friends, but who would want to?  Springfield employs local northern Michigan men and women – many who have known each other since childhood.  It is also common for our crew members to actually personally know the building owners we serve with our roofing, mechanical insulation and fall prevention systems.  Keeping family traditions at home and creating and maintaining friendly traditions at work, creates a positive and fun work environment. Springfield employees, along with their families, are friends who support and help each other out both at work and when not at work.


Safety director Josh Walton, Field Manager, Matt Brucker and CEO, Terry Umlor share a few moments together before Matt’s wedding


Monthly safety meeting and breakfast


Engineering Tech, Eian Richards, Field tech, Chad Allen, Project Manager, Jason O’Polka, and field Tech/CDL driver, Steve Johnson share a cold beverage before the company fishing derby

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Springfield crane

Moving Roof Materials

It’s been 3 years since OSHA has implemented a revision for crane operators (Subpart CC). This revision requires operators of crane equipment to be certified, qualified, or licensed.

If an audited employer program is used it can be very costly for the owner, however, the employee could not use the qualification at another place of employment.

Other alternatives are out there but need to be OSHA approved. A government entity can be used for training, testing, and licensing. These qualifications would be transferable to another company for the employee.

Subpart CC excludes boom trucks with articulating or knuckle booms but not with straight booms.

Remember there are also certain requirements when to have a qualified signal person or rigger on the job site based on various circumstances. OSHA has specifics on certification and training for forklifts along with many other loading and maintenance procedures in the workplace.

source: Professional Roofing magazine Sept 2013 (you will need to register to read the full article.)


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Springfield Duro_Last award winners

Duro-Last Honored Springfield with JRB Award

Springfield-2013-JRB-Award-Photo-web_largeSpringfield, Inc., located in Kingsley between Traverse City and Cadillac Michigan, recently was awarded the John R Burt Award at the annual Duro-Last® Roofing conference in Orlando Florida.  This award was based on recognition of outstanding achievement in quality workmanship, customer satisfaction and sales in 2013.  We congratulate all of our employees for their efforts to continue to give high quality results even while confronting the elements of the norhern Michigan weather based on our customers needs.

Complete Duro-Last® Press Release for Springfield Award

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Springfield smart flat roof with light pipes

Daylighting Becoming the Trend

We are hearing more and more about Roof Daylighting becoming the new trend for residential and commercial buildings. Springfield specializes in evaluating commercial buildings looking for ways to give our client energy savings. Daylighting is just one of the things we look to suggest if the building environment will benefit from it. The Roofing Contractor magazine recently had an article about daylighting and mentioned how “Roofing Contractors are the best resource for the skill, connections, and long-term presence needed to make the most of that investment.”  We will make sure whether is on an existing roof or a new roof that the warranty is not jeopardized and/or included with the roof warranty. Some of the benefits they mention are:

  • reduces/eliminates artificial lighting during the day
  • tax incentives and utility rebates
  • saves energy and improves productivity/employee satisfaction
  • reduces greenhouse gases, water and air polution

Their article is urging roofing contractors and consumers both to seriously consider daylighting and explains that there is a daylighting system for every roof. To read their article in its entirety click here then call us for your free evaluation for your roofs daylighting project! 888-469-0059

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Springfield_Oregon welcomes you sign

Roof Study in Oregon

Portland State University in Oregon is partnering with Walmart to study green roofing and white reflective roofing. Their study will help compare how well each roof type filters rainwater, and whether energy use and heat-island issues can be reduced. Springfield Commercial Roofing is always trying to find better ways to save energy for our customers.

American City Business Journals/Portland, Ore.


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Springfield health insurance

Affordable Care Act

Springfield renewed it’s Blue Cross health insurance plans in December of 2013 helping our employees be grandfathered in for almost another full year before they are required to enroll themselves and their families in the Affordable Care Act.  A longtime buyer of health insurance for our small (under 50 employees) company, Springfield will remain hopeful that the kinks and bugs in the system will be ironed out during early 2014.  We treasure our employees and enjoy providing health benefits to them and to their families.  We are so thankful for our outstanding team of hardworking men and women.

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Save Energy – Save the Landfill!

Energy efficient reflective roofs are almost always the best solution because they help save energy and keep your building dry.  However, there is also a benefit to keeping an existing asphalt roof as long as possible too.  Asphalt roofing materials are not very recyclable and usually end up in a landfill.  Therefore keeping the old roof going as long as possible can also be argued to be a “green” solution as it keeps the stuff out of the landfill.  Springfield strives to keep your existing roof performing.  A re-roof is only recommended when all repair options are exhausted.

Call us for a free roof evaluation – 231-263-5300.


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Cool Roofs

Michigan Building Owners take note:  Choosing the right roofing material could save you money and help the environment.

While the most important aspect of selecting a new roof is the contractor you choose, a secondary component is making sure you are using “cool” materials.  Any northern Michigan roofing contractor, worth his tool box, will be knowledgeable of the latest energy efficient products and will recommend those for your re-roof project.  Need a new roof or repairs to your existing roof?  Springfield can help!  Who’s on your roof?

For more information:


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Benefits of Retrofit Metal Roofing

The reason we are seeing more calls for roof repairs on metal buildings is becuse over 77 billion square feet of metal roofing covers the commercial buildings in the U.S. and they only last between 20 and 40 years.

A retrofit roof is a way a roofing contractor can install another roofing structure right on top of the existing one. Just one of the benefits of choosing a retrofit roof is cost savings Retrofit metal roofingbeing that there are no demolition or deposal costs when doing the installation. Also, because you're not tearing off the old roof the business doesn't have to shut down during the process and the existing roof can be used as a platform. Another benefit is the buildings contents won't be exposed to the elements. It will increase the buildings compliance and make it stronger during all weather conditions plus increase it's energy efficiency.  This is a major benefit for us in Northern Michigan.

Call us for a free evaluation of your metal building. 231.263.5300

Source: Metal Construction News – January 2013 / page 28

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