Springfield CPR Training

Learning From Each Other

“If you are going to ask someone for their opinion, you need to be willing to listen.”   Terry Umlor, CEO and founder of Springfield Inc.

Northern Michigan Winters tend to slow down the progress of roof installations.  While we do get a few nice “roofing” days in January and February, the Springfield management team is challenged to keep our dedicated and faithful field employees’ busy helping at the shop to minimize/eliminate having to lay them off during the dead of winter.  One successful project has been developing our training program.  Our field employees serve as our best consultants for this endeavor.

Many facets make up the Springfield training program.  Certainly OSHA training, equipment certifications, and scheduled hands-on sessions are key components.  However, LISTENING and LEARNING to feedback from our field people is perhaps the most critical component of The Springfield Training Program.  We learn our “best practices” from the folks making it happen in the field.  Because we listen and learn from our installation team, our training program manual will never be found covered with dust sitting on the back shelf of the storage closet.  It is a living, breathing, moving set of documents used frequently and updated regularly

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Springfield Inc. Earns Prestigious “Platinum Contractor Award”

January, 2015

Springfield Inc. is proud to announce receipt of prestigious “Platinum Contractor Award” from Duro-Last Roofing of Saginaw, Michigan. This achievement has placed Springfield in the top 3% of Duro-Last contractors in the nation. Springfield has been installing the highest quality roofs utilizing made-in-Michigan materials since 1985.

Springfield, Inc., located in Kingsley between Traverse City and Cadillac Michigan, recently was awarded the John R Burt Award at the annual Duro-Last® Roofing conference in Orlando Florida.  This award was based on recognition of outstanding achievement in quality workmanship, customer satisfaction and sales in 2013.  We congratulate all of our employees for their efforts to continue to give high quality results even while confronting the elements of the norhern Michigan weather based on our customers needs.Springfield 2013 JRB Award

Complete Duro-Last® Press Release for Springfield Award

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Michigan OSHA

The 16th Michigan Worker Death of 2016


The 16th Michigan worker death of 2016 occurred on August 10, 2016. Employers and employees are urged to use extreme care and safety diligence in all work activities. The information below shares preliminary details about the most recent fatality reported to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA). The description reflects information provided to MIOSHA at the initial report of the incident and is not the result of the official MIOSHA investigation.

Preliminary summary of incident: On August 10, 2016, a 48-year-old roofer was working at the edge of a roof and fell approximately 17-feet.

We extend our sincere sympathy and best wishes to the family of the deceased roofing employee. Accidents do sometimes happen despite the best efforts to keep people safe from falls. At Springfield we have tremendous respect for the inherent dangers of our occupation and are humbled and saddened to hear of the loss of a fellow roofer.

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springfield tips about hot roofs


Mother Nature has unleashed record-breaking heat on us. Our Roofing crews were battling extreme temperatures in East Jordan, Traverse City and Elk Rapids this past week.  We have compiled a few highlights from our safety meeting on hydration we thought may be helpful to anyone working or playing outside in our Michigan communities.

Before Work:  Drink 16 oz. water 2 hours before activity and then 8-16 oz. just before starting work.

During work:    Drink 4-16 oz. every 15-20 minutes and take in at least 1 gram per hour sodium (Gatorade/powerade, etc) during heavy activity (more during high humidity).  Check in with your body from time to time to be sure you are sweating (if you stop sweating, this could indicate a problem); and that your urine is clear (this ensures you are well hydrated).

After Work:  Continue to drink water throughout your time off work to speed up the rehydration process.

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Springfield front building sign

The Springfield family – Roofing, Mechanical Insulation, Fall Prevention, and Tiny Toddlers

Springfield is seeing a significant population explosion here in our northwest-lower Michigan.  We applaud these tiny tots to our Springfield family -born to hardworking men and women of our small business.   I’m pretty sure all of these little ones were “made in Michigan.”  We welcome the opportunity to pinch hit here at the office covering for each other so that our new “daddy’s” can have the opportunity to take some time off and be with their young ones.  We love it that we employ dads who “love to be dads”.    Nonetheless, despite the small army of babies to care for, we stand ready, willing, and able to assist you today with your roofing, mechanical insulation, emergency rooftop repairs, and fall prevention needs.

the brucker family
Our Field Manager, Matt Brucker, his wife, Jessica and his daughter, Karsyn.
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springfield smart anchor group

Springfield Inc. – “Put your Life on our Line”

Kingsley, Michigan. July 7, 2016.

Springfield Inc.™ has acquired 3 commercial buildings in Grand Traverse County, next door to its company Headquarters.  The buildings were acquired to house the rapidly expanding Springfield SmartAnchor division.  Contact Scott Pryde, Springfield SmartAnchor general manager for assistance with cost effective solutions to your fall prevention needs.  Scott works closely with Tim Korson, Head Engineer, for SmartAnchor  to assure your facility safety requirement are met and that your rooftop safety plan is compliant.  Our products are designed to meet your needs – both indoors and outdoors.  Jobsite training is also available for your employees.


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What Does Roofing and Terrorism Have in Common?


Good question:  What does roofing and terrorism have in common? We are not trying to worry you, but think about it:  how could a terrorist organization contaminate and poison thousands of people?  Answer:  By getting hired on with the roofing crew thereby gaining access to industrial mixers, vats of cherry pie filling, etc.

Springfield has an extensive background check for all new hires.  Further, our employees are hired from local communities of Fife Lake, Beulah, Cadillac, Manton, Kingsley, Traverse City, Elk Rapids.  Springfield has a very low employee turnover rate and most of our employees have grown up here and have stayed after high school and college to raise their families in this beautiful northern Michigan region.  You can be safe and assured that when Springfield arrives at your job site, you will encounter people from local communities who have undergone close scrutiny prior to being hired by Springfield.cs_avon

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Springfield employees at shorts brewing

Short’s Brewing 10 year anniversary party!

terry-and-Joe-at-Shorts-anniversary-partySpringfield employees and family members celebrate at Short’s Brewing Company’s 10 year anniversary party.  Thanks Joe for creating over 90 jobs in northern Michigan!  Thanks, too, for hiring a local contractor (that would be Springfield) to take care of your roofing, lighting, and fall protection needs.

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Going Above and Beyond

Commercial Construction Internships in northern Michigan!!!

Are you a college student? Are you interested in learning about Commercial Construction, Business Management, how to perform Energy Evaluations, and practical hands on business management? If so, you may be a candidate to be the 2014 Springfield SmartIntern. Springfield strives to stay on the cutting edge of building renovation, energy conservation, and employs a variety of degreed professionals to serve our commercial clients with the latest and greatest technology while knocking it “out of the park” with customer service. We are looking for a college student(s) that have similar interests to work with our fantastic team during the summer of 2014. Get more information by contacting Terri Jo at TerriJo@springfieldsmartroof.com.

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Springfield crane

Moving Roof Materials

It’s been 3 years since OSHA has implemented a revision for crane operators (Subpart CC). This revision requires operators of crane equipment to be certified, qualified, or licensed.

If an audited employer program is used it can be very costly for the owner, however, the employee could not use the qualification at another place of employment.

Other alternatives are out there but need to be OSHA approved. A government entity can be used for training, testing, and licensing. These qualifications would be transferable to another company for the employee.

Subpart CC excludes boom trucks with articulating or knuckle booms but not with straight booms.

Remember there are also certain requirements when to have a qualified signal person or rigger on the job site based on various circumstances. OSHA has specifics on certification and training for forklifts along with many other loading and maintenance procedures in the workplace.

source: Professional Roofing magazine Sept 2013 (you will need to register to read the full article.)


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