Stanwood Eagles

Client Stanwood Eagles
Location Stanwood, MI
Date 2023
Category Commercial Roofing
Solution Metal Retrofit Roof

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Stanwood Eagles before image
Stanwood Eagles before image


The Stanwood Eagles, a prominent community organization in Stanwood, MI, faced a common issue with their building’s exposed fastener metal roof. Over time, the roof had developed problems such as deteriorating fasteners, fasteners backing out, and the presence of rust holes. This deterioration was allowing water to enter the building, posing a significant threat to the structural integrity and contents within the facility.

Stanwood Eagles commercial roofing job


To address the critical roofing issues, Springfield’s roofing experts developed a comprehensive solution that not only tackled the existing problems but also provided long-term protection against similar challenges. Understanding the urgency of the situation, temporary repairs were executed to mitigate the immediate risk. The interim measures helped prevent further water intrusion, and damage while the comprehensive re-roofing project was being scheduled. 

Once the project began, Springfield’s team installed a specialized metal building retrofit system. An essential component of the solution involved the installation of a custom Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) flute filler. This filler was strategically placed to fill the space between the ribs of the metal roof panels and to provide additional insulation benefits. A layer of 1 ½” polyisocyanurate insulation board was laid, and a robust 50 mil dark gray Duro-Last membrane was installed over the insulated roofing structure. To complete the system, a new vinyl-coated drip edge was added to create a water-tight seal from edge to edge. 

Stanwood Eagles commercial roof complete

the results

With the combination of the metal building retrofit system, EPS flute filler, insulation board, and Duro-Last membrane, the Stanwood Eagles building is now protected from any further water intrusion, safeguarding it against any damage caused by leaks. 

The addition of the insulation improved the building’s energy efficiency by minimizing heat transfer, resulting in a more comfortable interior for occupants, and reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. 

The new roofing system not only resolved functional issues but also provided an aesthetically pleasing appearance with the addition of the vinyl-coated drip edge. With the chosen materials, Stanwood is offered exceptional durability and resilience against the various Michigan weather conditions for years to come. 


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