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It’s no secret that America’s beloved (and definitely qualified) groundhog meteorologist saw his shadow and winter is here for a bit longer than we all might enjoy. However, it’s time to start thinking warm thoughts and preparing your commercial roof for spring. Consider these three tips as you head into preparing your business for those warmer months. 

Springfield Tip #1: Conduct a Thorough Inspection

Before starting any work, it’s important to conduct a safe and thorough inspection of your commercial roof to identify any areas that may be prone to debris accumulation. Once you’ve identified these areas, you will need to determine if you can safely remove the debris and/or clear drainage systems to ensure proper water flow. 

Springfield Tip #2: Clearing Debris 

Damp leaves are putting your commercial flat roof and drainage system at risk. If you can safely remove debris that may have accumulated over the winter months, you should do so. Winter debris, such as leaves, branches, and other various items, can block your drainage systems and cause water to accumulate on your commercial roof. If left unchecked, this can often lead to leaks, water damage, and even structural damage. 

Springfield Tip #3: Address Any Damage

At Springfield, we always say, “A well-maintained roof lasts twice as long as those that do not.” It’s no secret that Northern Michigan winters are tough on your commercial roof between the elements and temperature fluctuation. Even the smallest moisture in just the tiniest place can cause severe damage if left unattended. Repair any leaks and address any issues with flashing or other roofing components – your roof (and wallet) will thank you. 

While these tips are a great way to spring into seasonal roof maintenance, nothing beats a professional inspection. Springfield understands the problems that can be caused by a Michigan winter, and more importantly, can identify potential issues that may have gone unnoticed. Call our team today to see how our roofing experts will ensure your roof is in good condition and ready to withstand the challenges of the upcoming season.