Transporting heavy equipment is no easy feat. It requires extreme attention to detail, safety protocols, and proper preparation to prevent costly damages, accidents, and injury. One missed detail can cause a transport nightmare – and Springfield is here to help you avoid one. 

By following these steps, you can ensure that you are prioritizing safety and that hazards are minimized.

Make a List – and Check it Twice
Before beginning your work, create a checklist of the critical items that need to be addressed to prepare for your transport. Just like writing down “milk and eggs” on your grocery list, you’ll probably miss something if you don’t have it properly recorded and held accountable.

Pro tip: Take your time. Never rush the preparation process. Always allocate ample time to inspect and prepare equipment to ensure a safe journey.

Clean Your Equipment
Remove dirt, debris, and any loose parts. No one likes two inches of caked-on dirt when inspecting the tires of a skid steer. Cleaning your equipment helps visually inspect your equipment and ensure hazardous material does not drop during transit.

Inspect the Equipment for Damage
Before transport occurs, thoroughly inspect your equipment for any signs of wear or damage. Address any issues before moving to ensure safe and efficient transportation.

Pro tip: Consider documenting any damage that cannot be fixed prior to transport by snapping and archiving photos.

Secure All Moving Parts
When transporting heavy equipment, even the most minor vibrations, bumps, and sudden halts can cause moving parts to shift, swing, or come loose. Lock, bolt, or tie down any parts that have the potential to move during transport. By securing moving parts, you significantly reduce damage to other parts of your equipment, prevent potential hazards to other motorists, and preserve the integrity of the transport vehicle.

Check Fluid Levels
Ensure all fluid levels, such as oil and hydraulic fluids, are at recommended levels and tightly sealed to avoid spills. Not only does it ensure the health of your equipment, but prevents environmental hazards and possible cleanup and fines. 

At Springfield, we’re prepared to ensure your equipment, or whatever your load may be, gets to its final destination safely. We will confidently transport your heavy equipment with peace of mind. Preparation today prevents potential problems tomorrow.