The reason we are seeing more calls for roof repairs on metal buildings is becuse over 77 billion square feet of metal roofing covers the commercial buildings in the U.S. and they only last between 20 and 40 years.

A retrofit roof is a way a roofing contractor can install another roofing structure right on top of the existing one. Just one of the benefits of choosing a retrofit roof is cost savings Retrofit metal roofingbeing that there are no demolition or deposal costs when doing the installation. Also, because you're not tearing off the old roof the business doesn't have to shut down during the process and the existing roof can be used as a platform. Another benefit is the buildings contents won't be exposed to the elements. It will increase the buildings compliance and make it stronger during all weather conditions plus increase it's energy efficiency.  This is a major benefit for us in Northern Michigan.

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Source: Metal Construction News – January 2013 / page 28